I collaborated with Konstkollektivet to design and develop their website.

Featuring a membership area where users can easily book spaces, customize their profiles, and access a range of additional features.

Through our work together, we created a powerful digital space that enables seamless interaction between users and Konstkollektivet’s offerings.

Build with WordPress

WordPress is an exceptional tool that is well-suited to meet the unique needs of organizations like Konstkollektivet.

To enhance the website’s functionality and design, I utilized a variety of tools such as Elementor, which allowed me to create a visually stunning layout. Additionally, I employed Uncanny Automator to develop recipes that streamlined the administration workflow, while Jetforms enabled me to build customizable profiles for users. 

Together, these tools made it possible to create a fully-functional and user-friendly website that met all of Konstkollektivet’s needs.

Membership area

I created a membership area that offers an easy way for users to purchase their annual subscriptions. 

Once subscribed, members gain access to exclusive content, including the ability to make bookings, sign contracts, create a public profile, and publish their own content.

E-commerce solution

The best e-commerce solution for Konstkollektivet organization was WooCommerce, as it offers the necessary features to sell tickets for events, implement a booking system to rent out their facilities by the hour, and manage member subscriptions.

To enhance the website’s design and user experience, I made extensive customizations across all aspects of the platform.