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Design your website Create your logo Build your online store Take some good photos Draw beautiful illustrations And much more!  Let's get creative!

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Web design

Personally designed websites to meet all your needs. Give your clients the best user experience and keep them engaged.
Design a website
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Graphic design

Give your message the right form!
My goal is to understand your vision and help you make your project stand out with great design.
Let's design it!
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I’m open to challenge my skills in any kind of creative project. My artistic background will make our next project stand out.
Start creating
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Let's build a great website

Looking for a custom-designed website that meets all your needs?

I create websites that give your clients the best user experience and keep them engaged.

My goal is to understand your vision and make your website stand out with great design, usability, and performance. Let me help you bring your vision to life and take your online presence to the next level.

web design

Personal Website

A website to tell your own story the way you want. I will design every page in detail for you.

Data Analytic

Corporate Website

Establish your brand online and keep your clients engaged! I will build a website easy to update and I’ll teach you how to do it.


E-commerce Website

Sell your products online! I can help you set up every detail of your online store! And I’ll teach you how to manage your store.


Website Redesign

It is time to change your old website! Let's analyse what is working and what can be improved. You will finally have a fresh website that your clients will love again!


How long will it take you to build my website?

It usually takes about 7 to 25 days to complete a website. It depends on the complexity of the project and the stage you are on the process.

Will I be able to update my website?

Yes! You’ll be able to update all the text and images of your website. You’ll also be able to publish news or have a blog. If you don’t know how to do this right now, don’t worry! I will also teach you how to update your website!

Who provides the images and content?

You can provide all the imagery and content you’d like to put in your website. I can also help you create all the visual content you might need and I’m also open to use stock photography if needed.

Do you offer hosting and domain names?

I don’t sell hosting services or domain names. But I can help you find the right hosting for your website. I can even set it up for you.

What tools do you use to build a website?

I always use the tools that fit best with your project. Right now WordPress, Elementor and Woocommerce are at the top of my tool box. Tell me more about your project and we'll find the right tools.

Do you offer website maintenance?

Yes, my goal is to have long relationships with my clients and that also means maintaining your website. To keep always fresh content, up to date design and good security.

Will my website look good on the phone?

Absolutely! In the 21st century it’s essential to have a website that looks perfect on all the screens.

Will my website be well positioned in google?

I build the websites ready to be SEO Friendly. This means that I’ll make it easy for Google to index your website properly. All you’ll need to worry is to have a lot of people visiting your awesome website!

How much does a website cost?

I budget a website project after a first meeting or brief. Every project is different and has its own needs. Don’t hesitate to contact me, explain your project and I’ll send a budget.

My toolbox

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Nearly one-third of the world's websites, from personal blogs to major corporations websites are built with WordPress. It is a very flexible tool and very reliable because it's been around since 2003. With my expertise I can take you anywhere with WordPress.
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Elementor is a very powerful site builder that takes WordPress to the next level. It is a stable tool that started in 2016 and it seems that it will be around for long.
With Elementor everything is possible! I can build anything you can imagine.
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Woocommerce is the way to go for your online store. It's a tool made for selling anything. Fast, secure and easy to keep your products and prices updated. Personally I think that it is the only ecommerce solution that lets you build your online store the way you want it.
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I don't consider myself a "Silicon Valley Stallion Coder", my focus is on the design. With 10 years building websites I've learned enough to use my coding skills when needed. If there's anything that needs some code I have your back!
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without limits

Do you want to transform your ideas into stunning visual creations? If so, you need the expertise of a skilled graphic designer – and that’s where I come in!

I can help you elevate your brand and effectively convey your message to your audience. With endless possibilities in the realm of graphic design, there are no boundaries to the creativity that we can achieve. Let me help you bring your vision to life!

graphic design
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Logo design

Your logo is the face of your company. I will design a great logo that tells the values of your company. You and your clients will love it!

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Branding & Identity

A brand is more than just a logo. Your brand identity makes you unique and recognizable. I'll help you build one that your clients will engage with!

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Digital & Print design

Everything on a paper or a screen can be designed. Tell me what and where and I'll come up with a great design!

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Social media content

Succeed in Social Media publishing great content! I will help you create the imagery you need and create a great strategy to get the best of your followers.

My Design Process

Meeting & Design Brief
I start all my projects listening. I always prefer a face to face meeting but if it's not possible a video chat or a phone call will work as well. Tell me everything about your project, your vision and your goals. We'll create a design brief and a budget that will take us right there!
Discovery & Research
One of the most important parts of the design process is the research and discovery phase. This is a collaborative process that will help us find the best direction for your project. With the right analysis your project will stand out from the rest.
Ideation & design
This is where the magic happens! I will design the best design solutions according to your needs and goals. Following different strategies to stimulate the creative process you'll see how your ideas start to take form.
Presentation & Refinement
I will present the fruits of the hard work. To make sure that we have accomplished all our goals, I prefer to hold the presentation in person or through video chat . At this stage you will have the opportunity to discuss any refinements you need before final approval.
Delivery & Celebration
Finally our project will see the light! Publishing is an exciting moment and it's always nice to find time to celebrate. After publication I'd love to get feedback from you. For me it's a way to keep learning and improving.
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Let's get creative!

My artistic background lends me out of the box thinking and passion to create new things. Through my artistic discipline I keep my creative skills sharp and ready to go anywhere. Are you ready to join me?

I can draw anything, create beautiful illustrations or take great photos. Because I also like to share my passion I lead creative workshops.  

marxal creative
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Digital illustration

Tell your story in a visual way. With digital illustrations everything is possible! I can help you get more visual with beautiful illustrations.

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Sometimes all you need to start a great project is pencil and paper. For as long as I can remember I've been drawing which has given me great drawing skills.

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As everyone knows, one image is worth a thousand words. As a skilled photographer I'll get you a perfect shot! From your portrait, your products or your events.

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I like to share what I love. Whenever I can I lead creative workshops both for adults and kids. Are you ready to blow up your mind?

My creative referents

Oana Dumitrache
Oana DumitracheMy partner
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I am such a lucky guy! Oana is the love of my life and a great architect. Her vision and creativity makes me grow every day. There's no project she hasn't helped me improve with her feedback. Thank you!
David Hockney
David HockneyArtist
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What are images and how are they made? Between drawing and painting David Hockney has spent his life figuring it out. He is a big referent for me when it comes to understanding the big power of pictures. With Elementor everything is possible! I can build anything you can imagine.
Alberto Giacometti
Alberto GiacomettiArtist
Read More
As a kid I used to get bored at Art Museums. I have the blurry memory that my parents brought me to a Giacometti exhibition and it fascinated me. Maybe the essence of “L’homme qui marche” awoke my first step towards art.
Egon Shciele
Egon ShcieleArtist
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When I discovered Schiele's drawings I got obsessed with them. The knowledge of the human body in every stroke! The perfect combination between occidental and oriental tradition. When looking at contemporanean illustrations I think that Shciele’s legacy is everywhere.
Martin Parr
Martin ParrPhotographer
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I discovered Martin Parr in University and maybe he’s the reason I got so interested in photography. I admire his sense of humor and the way he uses the camera to point out the contradictions of our society.