If Magritte would start a company today it would not be a Hipster Café where cappuccino would be served straight into the veins. The logo is inspired on the surrealist painting “The treachery of Images” the famous pipe that is not a pipe because it’s a painting that should not be confused with a real pipe since it is just the representation of a pipe.

That’s why the logo I created is not a logo, it is a pipe. And the cappuccino is not a cappuccino, it is a digital photography taken from a free stock photo website.

Wait a second! And what about the hat? Well… You’re going to need it so your head doesn’t explode with so much paralanguage. ⁣

* Logo inspired on: The treachery of Images (1928/29)⁣

What if the greatest artists would start a company today?

What company would it be and what logo would they have?

I create companies for artists and design their awesome logos!